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I swear I Just Don’t Get It

A fresh customer service situation unfolded this week that I feel is worth sharing. Once again it resulted in me, scratching my head, and questioning my intense dislike for business behaviors that make no sense to me. Perhaps I am a bit harsh, but I have no plans to change my opinion on “stupid” behaviors.

I believe my bar for customer expectations is at a comfortable level, and this is why I become so disappointed when people fail to meet the minimum requirements for no good reason … according to me.

Situation: Best Buy. I stopped in to research an MP3 player for my sister who indicated an interest but isn’t very tech savvy. I thought I would do a little due diligence for her as long as I was passing by the store. It was 10 AM and the store just opened; the sales people did not have the luxury of being disgruntled as if having been subjected to eight hours of elementary questions. (Note: When unfamiliar with the subject matter, there is no such thing as an elementary question.)

In my case the salesperson was both knowledgeable and patient. I liked him, and felt that I was receiving honest input. Having appropriately addressed all of my initial concerns I saw no reason why I should not purchase the unit for my sister and mail it to her, thereby eliminating any future stress on her part. That was when my enchantment turned to disappointment.

As soon as the credit card transaction was approved and the device inserted into a bag along with the receipt, the salesman turned away mumbling something that sounded like “goodbye.” He turned on a dime while handing me the receipt, his eyes darting off toward what I believe was the dishwasher department. Then he was off in a flash, without cementing the relationship.

If this were an isolated incident, I probably would not be taking the time to share my chagrin. It wasn’t. This sales behavior plays out all too often in just about every industry.

I share the story with you for very good reason. I fear that many travel agents are very attentive until final payment. Yet, it is at this point in time that “meaningful relationships” are built. It is no wonder the percentage of repeat clients is so low in the travel industry. (You might feel otherwise, but I am afraid you are dead wrong.)

Today’s message: It is what you do after everything has been done that will position you is the Real Deal. Don’t stop doing what you do too soon. We, the consumers, know what good service looks like, feels like and tastes like. And we are always taking notes and grading you accordingly.

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