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Identify Your Base and Build on Your Strengths: Part 1

I could definitely grab your attention by citing a handful of today’s headlines dealing with world of politics, dangerous weather situations, sports upsets, education reforms, city mayhem, juvenile delinquency and crime in our schools and on our streets. Let it suffice to say that we are living in unsettling times, and from my vantage point, there is no sign of immediate relief.

My question to you is, “Is it time for you to throw in the towel?” Are you ready to raise your hands and surrender? Has the visual of a passenger’s butt-crack being manhandled off a jet airplane represent the last straw? Have you seen, heard, and witnessed enough? We are surely being tested.

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If you are ready to quit, I’ll see you around. Nobody will care and few will miss you, if any at all. At least you gave it a shot. You can now move on to bigger and better things and hopefully finding your new adventure will prove easier and fairer. Travel is just not what it is cracked up to be. Why not consider going to work for one of the large companies like Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, Apple, General Motors? You are bound to be happier there, right? They seem to have their act together (Wake up. You’re having a nightmare.)

Let’s get real. You are exactly where you need to be and where you are supposed to be. You are no better or worse off than any other entrepreneur today and if you’re currently experiencing a downward spiral, it is high time you begin turning it around. You can. That is the truth. I’ll say it again. You can. You must.

Here is one of my favorite reminders: “What you can do is all you can do.” But are you doing all you can do? And, is what you are doing the right thing to do? Are you doing it enough? Are you doing it often enough? Only you have the answers.

If you are to begin turning things around it might as well be at the bottom. Let’s begin by taking a careful inventory of whom you are doing business with … now. List your clients. Number them from one to however many you have. If you are like most agencies, this will be the first time you realize that you actually have 105 leisure accounts and 12 corporate accounts. Who knew? You sold 35 cruise vacations and arranged travel for two meetings. All in all, you have built a pretty good business. Not too shabby. Take a bow.

This information is important for two reasons. In a moment I’m going to challenge you to increase your business by 10%. But until now, you wouldn’t have understood the objective because 10% of an unknown number is meaningless. Using the above numbers you can now except my 10% challenge and you will know exactly what needs doing.

I think you’ll agree with me a modest 10% improvement over your current customer base is both meaningful and very doable. That’s it for today.

Tomorrow, I will help clarify a working action plan. Remember, 10% is our goal. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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