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Non-Verbal Behavioral Tips #10

Tip #10.

Cool your jets.

My final tip in this series titled Non-Verbal Behaviors reminds us to slow down. Slow down and think. Think about what it is we are trying to communicate.

Your options include coolness, disinterest, enthusiasm, excitement, negativity, or some other feeling. You can manage your own energy by identifying an emotion that you want to portray and then holding that emotional word in mind as you communicate.

Start by watching others. If you observe others for their emotional energy, you will begin to notice their demeanor and how it impacts how their message is delivered and received.  You will see what you like and dislike about their actions.

Here is a quote from an article I spotted on the Internet. I have since lost the source, sorry. Not my words.

“Your nonverbal behavior, the way you speak, act, and express emotion, helps you establish rapport and personal connection with others. Likewise your unspoken messaging can establish trust and acceptance with other people. Your pervasiveness and credibility is also improved as you use your verbal and nonverbal skills to increase the power of your message. “

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up my ten reminders as they relate to non-verbal relationship-building tips. My next article is sure to open a brand new kettle of fish. Stay tuned.

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