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Put Yourself in Your Prospect’s Shoes: Part 2

In yesterdays article I touched on efficiency, organization, interest, needs, note taking, homework, listening skills, facts, truthfulness, and ethics. We will now take it from there.

  1. Show how you’ll help me. I won’t be interested in what you do until you clearly show how it helps me in my business. Tell me how you will make a difference after we select you as our service supplier. If I need your service, I need to understand how it benefits me. Tell me what’s in it for me.
  2. Show me. Don’t tell me. Prove it. I’m more likely to use you if you prove what you say. Show me an article in print inspiring my confidence or confirming my decision. One testimonial is more persuasive than 100 presentations.
  3. Show me I’m not alone. Tell me about a similar situation where you helped someone like me. I don’t want to be the first or the only notch on your belt. I’ll have a lot more confidence in you if I know that someone else has made the same decision I am about to make.
  4. Tell me my investment is fair. I want reassurance. Make me feel like I’m getting a deal. I work hard for my money. I want to spend it in a way that makes me feel that I’ve gotten a real value.
  5. Show me what to do if I can’t afford to pay cash, but still want the level of service you offer; Show me how we can still make this happen using some creative financing.
  6. Make a recommendation. Give me a choice and let me decide, but tell me what you would do if it were you making the decision.
  7. Reinforce my choice. I’m scared of making the wrong decision. Tell me about other success stories. Help me reinforce my choice with facts that will boost my confidence.
  8. Make me feel special. If I’m going to spend my money, I want to feel good about it. It all hinges on your words and actions. Tell me personally that you value my business. Give me something to remember you by.
  9. Make me laugh. I want to feel comfortable. I want to feel at ease with you. Laughing helps me relate to you and sets a great tone for business. Put me in a good mood and I’m more likely to work with you. Making me laugh means I agree with you, and you need my agreement to make a sale.
  10. Paint me a picture I can see in my minds eye. Let me visualize a sound working relationship and then watch us move mountains.

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