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Explore La Fortuna with Costa Rica Dream Adventures

From towering volcanoes to miles of rain forest and breathtaking views, the city of La Fortuna is not to be missed.  Positioned within the central American country of Costa Rica, La Fortuna has gained much traction over the years as a must-see travel destination.

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60-Second Geography

La Fortuna

La Fortuna's Arenal Volcano
La Fortuna’s Arenal Volcano.
  • La Fortuna is a small city located in San Carlos, in the providence of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Spanish for “The Fortune”, La Fortuna is known for its exponentially fertile lands and volcanoes. This makes La Fortuna one of the top travel destinations within Costa Rica.
  • The Arenal Volcano measures at least 5,358 feet high, and is conically shaped with a crater 460 feet in diameter. It is one of seven historically active Costa Rican volcanoes. In 1968 after remaining dormant for hundreds of years, the Arenal Volcano erupted and destroyed the small town of Tabacón in its wake; the eruption permanently changed the geography of the region.
  • Cerra Chato is another volcano located in La Fortuna. Also known as The Chato Volcano it has not erupted in 3,500 years; a past eruption led to the formation of the La Fortuna Waterfall. This waterfall, which drops about 229-246 feet, can be found at the base of the Cherra Chato volcano; it is fed by the Arenal River, snaking through the Rain forest before plunging over the waterfall’s edge.
  • Many hot springs can be found throughout the city of La Fortuna. These hot springs spread from the depths of the volcanoes through rivers located in the earth’s crust. The Arenal Volcano is responsible for the natural heating of many of these springs, examples include The Tabacon River and Ecotermales Hot Springs. The temperatures can range anywhere from  86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (30-50 degrees Celsius).
  • The Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area is home to the Arenal Volcano National Park, and spans over a distance of 790 square miles. It contains The conservation area protects 8 of Costa Rica’s twelve life zones. The Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area is known for being a birdwatcher’s dream, for almost all 850 species identified in Costa Rica can be found within its boarders.
  • Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is found within the boundaries of the national park area. The forest area is highly diverse, integrating species from both the highland and lowland forest area because of its location. Two miles of self-guided trails can be found, containing 15 bridges. Six of these bridges are hanging bridges, giving the park reason for its name.



La Fortuna Waterfall
La Fortuna Waterfall located at the base of Cerra Chato.

A hanging bridge found within Mistico park.
A hanging bridge found within Mistico park.

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