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Five Ways to Become a Better Blogger

Blogging is a simple process, but can also be a lot of work. While it is not hard to post to your blog, getting readership and relationship-building results from your blog is an arduous task. Maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and still aren’t seeing the dialogue you’d like. Here are five ways I can think of to help you enhance your blogging skills.

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  1. Keep up with the times. No one wants to read last month’s news. Case in point: Last night on the evening news they mentioned an occurrence that was first mentioned two days ago. I heard myself say, “That is old news.” A blogger has to know what is going on in the world yesterday, today and tomorrow. Some important issues may stay in the headlines for months but your audience will want fresh updates on those topics. Knowing what is going on around you and what will interest others will make your blog content worth reading.
  1. Change your content often. There is nothing worse than losing traffic you’ve worked hard to attract because you don’t update your posts. You might not post every day, but you can be sure that your readership will drop off it you only post once a month. Readers like fresh content and will go where they can get it. If you need to, hire somebody to produce interesting content on different topics and post the information on a regular basis. This might work if you just don’t have enough hours in the day to manage your blog in the fashion that it, and your readers, deserve.
  1. Network with others. Get your content out there. Register with search engines and join social bookmarking sites like Technorati and Digg so people can see what you are doing. Share your blog address with friends on your profile page on MySpace or Facebook.
  1. Pay attention to your readership. When people comment, they would like for you to answer them back. Some ask questions and some just want to let you know that they agree or disagree with what you’ve said. Take the time to talk to them. After all, they took the time to visit and post a comment. Their comments can drive the direction your blog takes in the future if you want to keep them as readers and increase your traffic. As a matter of fact, one of your key objectives is to get your readers to respond in some way. When they do, you will be making a huge mistake if you do not get back to them quickly with your response. Let me spell that for you: HUGE!
  1. Keep your promotions to a minimum. Promotions are a way for you to advertise your upcoming opportunities. This is all well and good, and a few promotions are great and will attract attention. If you post too many, however, visitors might be turned off. You want your content to be the main attraction. If the promotions coordinate with your blog niche, that’s good … but only a few. HINT: Place the link at the top of the page if you want them to be clicked regularly by visitors.

Blogging is an art. Creating interesting content and keeping readers coming back is a job. If you already blog, use these five tips to enhance your value to the blogosphere.

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