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Eden Revealed

This week Celebrity Cruises revealed more about the new ship Celebrity Edge, specifically the area of the ship called Eden. The definition of Eden is “a place of pristine or abundant beauty; a state of perfect happiness or bliss;  paradise.” Celebrity is striving for this new onboard destination to truly live up to that description.

During the reveal Eden was described as being a transformative area on the ship, transforming from “chillful” in the mornings, to “playful” in the afternoons and “sinful” in the evenings. It will also be transformative in the sense that the pieces that make up Eden will not be distinct, separate entities.  Instead, everything will work together dynamically to create an overall experience that touches all of the senses.

Eden will span three decks at the aft of the ship, encompassing over 11,500 square feet or 368,000 cubic feet. It will have a wall of glass that will be 32 feet high, with more outward facing glass than any other room at sea. This is an area that will boast unique culinary delights intertwined with entertainment, but they were clear that this was not going to be dinner theater as you know it. Instead, it will be performance dining, where the dining experience will actually be part of the performance happening around you.

Of course what is Eden without the beauty of nature? Celebrity will be bringing their “tree tradition” into Eden. The “tree tradition” started on the Solstice class ships with the suspended trees found in the ships’ elevator atriums. On Celebrity Edge in Eden there will be unique Tree of Life, a tree sculpture that will incorporate a myriad of flora and fauna. There will also be a “library of plants” reaching 20 feet tall behind the bar. This “library” will not simply be decorative. It will include a variety of herbs, and bartenders will scale ladders to pick fresh herbs for the drinks they’re blending.  So even the mixology will have a flare of performance.

The ultimate goal is that will be nothing like Eden, on land or at sea, being a destination of its own.


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