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Tip #11: Make Your “Last” Impression Lasting

This tip is from my Special Report written for recent high school graduates. It is also relevant to most adults. (Make that all adults.)

First impressions are important. Within milliseconds of my laying eyes on you, I will make an opinion on whether you are my kind of person or not. This is the way human nature works. Right or wrong, that is the way things are.

What is more important is how you present yourself over time. Last impressions are what people will remember you by. Don’t get lazy. Present your “A” game…right to the end. Then leave them on a high note wanting more.

I have another true story for you that will put an updated spin on this belief. Back in 1970, I was traveling from Colorado to California when I decided that it would be faster if I hitchhiked on “private airplanes” rather than hang out on Interstate 70 with my thumb out and holding a handwritten sign. You heard me correctly. I said airplanes. You have probably never met anybody who has pulled a stunt like this before, and you definitely couldn’t get away with it today.

At the time, my hair was longer than it is now…in step with the times. I remember thinking to myself that hippies did not own airplanes, and the chances of a buttoned-down aircraft owner giving a ride to anybody who looked like he just rolled out of bed were slim to none.

Prior to heading to the airport to solicit my free ride on a single engine airplane, I gave myself a crew cut. I was looking short.
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I’ll never forget the first pilot I confronted who looked at me and said pointblank, “I guess it’s okay to give you a ride; you have short hair.” Honest? That is your rationale? That is exactly what he said. The lesson was telling. Don’t tell me appearance doesn’t count.

It was at that exact moment when I became a believer in the phrase “first impressions are very important.” But this message continues. Although first impressions are important, it is the last impression that counts.

Upon arriving at our destination, I was invited to the pilot’s home. After dinner, I was offered a job. The reason being is that I maintained a positive impression over time. The haircut (the first impression) was responsible for getting me to the table. It was my “lasting” impression that paid off with a job offer. Please read this chapter again and internalize the important lesson within. Open strong. Finish stronger. (I turned down the job offer.)

“If I am not practicing, and my competitor is, when we meet, he will beat me.”

Merlin Olsen
NFL Hall of Fame Lineman

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