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Tip #15: Seek a Balanced Life

This is Tip #15 from my Special Report written for recent high school graduates. It is also relevant to most adults. (Make that all adults.)

The concept of balance is often overlooked when it comes to building a life worth talking about. Most people skip right over the topic thinking it is too obvious, too elementary, too mundane.

Balance, whether it be in flight, combat, sport, high-wire walking, or business, is the key to success. If you are finding yourself groping for meaning, this too would make a great forearm tattoo. And you will only be paying for seven letters. B-A-L-A-N-C-E. (Effective, meaningful, and cheap. Now there is a trifecta for a great tattoo.)

But balance does not happen by accident. Let’s play a little game. Close your eyes and envision a three-legged stool. The integrity of this stool relies on all three legs … with equal importance delegated to each leg. Take one away, or even shorten it by an inch or less, and you have a wobbly, unstable, uncomfortable seat. I think you see where I am going. (You can open your eyes now.)
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For conversation sake, let me give each leg a value: (1) Health (2) Work (3) Personal. In order to maintain balance, you need to give each value equal weight (status). This is where many of you will go wrong. You will work too hard at the expense of your family life. You will play too hard at the expense of your health. You will focus intently on the area of your life that gives you the greatest pleasure at the time. This may sound logical, but you mustn’t overlook the importance of all three components working in tandem with one another.

Don’t get me wrong. Playing hard and working hard while maintaining good health and a solid family relationship is what life is all about. The challenge is to discipline yourself to keep it all in balance. Your goal is not to work one against the other or fail to maintain all three in a logical proportion.

Find time (make time) to give equal attention to your health, your business, and your family.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

-Jimmy Dean

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