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Tip #18: Start Saving Today

This is Tip #18 from my Special Report written for recent high school graduates. It is also relevant to most adults. (Make that all adults.)

I hope that this lesson does not fall on deaf ears. I have not met any person over the age of 50 who has not voiced regret for not saving for their future sooner than they did. (Who knew at the time they would live this long?)

If you have an interest in moving out in front of the pack, start saving for your future today. I realize this sounds like absurd advice. After all, you are still a teenager, and you probably don’t have much discretionary cash on hand.

I understand how hard it is to connect with this suggestion. But not only will you become the exception once you do, you will thank me in the years ahead for opening your eyes to this incredibly intelligent practice.
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You may choose not to listen to your parents or your guidance counselor or your priest or rabbi. You may choose not to listen to your dorm counselor, your boss, your neighbors, or your aunt or uncle. But please listen to me. (Tip #18 is huge!)

I don’t care how much money you decide to save. Regardless of the sum, you will find it extremely difficult to justify this practice at this time in your life. The secret is to discipline yourself to regularly put away money into a safe savings account where you can draw on it in your later years. Putting money aside on a regular basis (spelled R-E-G-U- L-A-R) is a major-league move if you want your life to turn out without regret.

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