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Yes, This Could Happen To You

A large advertising agency lost the Mars candy account after 70 years of service and $70 million dollars in annual billings. The well-known D’Arcy Advertising Agency had been respected for over 70 years, and was caught by surprise when told of the Mars’ decision to switch agencies.

I am certain there were people walking the halls thinking that this account was in the bag…after 70 years? I can hear people sharing their opinions at the water cooler. “This account is all ours. We own this account. It is in the bag for at least another ten years.”

And then one day, the joy and adulation of owning this account became yesterday’s news. No fanfare. No telltale signs. No warning bell. Just a finite memory with an unspoken, “thanks for coming.”

I know you don’t care about advertising agencies. Neither do I. But the message should be hitting you loud and clear. It’s a mess out there and relationships, although having become the popular buzzword with new millennials, are as fragile as one’s self-esteem.

”Here today-gone tomorrow” is beginning to resemble the norm rather than the exception. ”What have you done for me lately?” has become a very popular question in this instant gratification world of ours.
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The long and short of it is that you can’t afford to lose a single good client these days, simply because you have fallen asleep at the wheel. People today are playing by a new set of rules. There are no guarantees; the “sure-thing” is a thing of the past.

Your future is in your hands. Don’t open yourself up for failure. Don’t allow unpleasant surprises to ruin your day.

Once you begin to take your client relationships for granted, you are itching for a licking. It is happened to me, and it has happened to others. The lesson for all was painful and simply did not have to happen. “Love the one your with” comes from a tune from Crosby, Stills, Young and Nash. Pay attention to their recommendation. Love your clients like you really like them. Enough said.

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