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Buyers Don’t Just Want a Solution – They Want to Feel Good About It

The early days of EBay proved that buyers don’t just want a solution: they want to feel good about it. EBay’s slogan in those days was to “Shop victoriously.” This demonstrates the emotional impact that shopping has in our lives.

Many marketers tend to think that buyers shop in a logical manner. However, this is not the case. Studies have shown that shoppers make decisions based on emotion and then try to justify them with logic. They want to feel good about what they have purchased. In particular, they love to feel as if they have gotten a great bargain.

If they feel good about their buying decision, they will tell one other person what a great experience they have had. On the other hand, if they do not feel good about the service they received, they will complain to seven other people about their experience.
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With those odds being stacked against you, it is important to understand what really motivates your customers.  You want them to feel good about what they are experiencing, and less likely to complain and cause customer service issues or damage of any kind to your brand.

Here are several areas to pay attention to in order to maintain a “feel-good factor” with your customers.

Good Price

Good price is always going to make a customer happy. However, they also have to feel as if they’re getting good value. You can buy a cheap cruise, tour or vacation package, but if it becomes a chore from beginning to end, it has little value and is fodder for the complaint mill.

Good Value

Good value goes beyond price. If you are providing a service in order to maximize the experience, it must effectively address the needs of your client in order to be seen as worth the money. It should be a pleasure to work with you while you enhance their vacation in some way, shape or form. Here is a novel thought: Why not try asking your client what it is they expect from you.

Easy to Implement, and Hassle-Free

The business-relationship with you should be easy. For example, if you sell an upscale cruise that promises hassle-free luxury, your client needs to feel good throughout the entire trip. Telling them to “double check” the carrier’s small print or do too much work themselves is not going to make most people happy, or feel as if the trip is good value.

However, if you give them a detailed itinerary complete with ideas, tips and things to avoid this level of thoroughness provides more value and will prove to be an easier sell while being appreciated.

You want to make your clients feel good about having made the right decision because they can see how well laid out the plan is, and how practical and realistic it is compared to previous travel agent involvement. They won’t feel cheated by a “middle-man” whose only purpose is to capture a commission by doing as little work as necessary.

The Show-Off Factor

People who feel really good about their business-relationships are more than happy to share them with their friends. We can see this with the trend on Facebook for people who are happy with their latest purchases.

I suppose the bottom line is to spend less time trying to “sell” and more time in trying to cement a solid relationship by providing a service worth talking about.

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