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Explore the UK and Europe with Back-Roads Touring

Boasting over 25 years of experience in small group custom made tours, Back-Roads Touring truly reigns as the original small touring group company. Not only are they experts at providing a relaxed and friendly form of flexible touring, but by limiting their group sizes to only 18 people (with the exception of their Charming Waterways program which accommodates 22), Back-Roads Touring provides a small touring experience unlike any other.

backroads1One of the many advantages of touring with Back-Roads is the vehicles they use: purpose-built Mercedes Benz Sprinters which have been converted to meet the highest of European standards. From leather seats to panoramic windows and sunroofs, and even mini fridges, these vehicles are smaller than conventional large coaches. This allows them to travel in almost any place a car could, so from viewing the beauty traveling along the hedge-lined narrow Cornish lanes or the stony roads of old medieval towns, Back-Roads Touring has your best interests and comforts in mind.

Due to their belief in the advantages of small group travel, Back-Roads Touring opens doors in ways that large group travel cannot. You can remove the thoughts of chain hotels from your mind, for Back-Roads offers a plethora of hand-picked Boutique Accommodation options. No two lodging options are the same; with Back-Roads options include beautiful country estates, medieval castles steep with history, and even traditional hostelries. Each experience offers properties unlike the usual hotels, and full of charm and character.

backroads3Back-Roads Touring sees their guests as travelers who want to immerse themselves in their destinations, and by offering leisurely paced itineraries it allows you the time to fully experience where you are. Their itineraries cover a vast amount of culture, but also allot ample free time for self exploration. So, travelers can experience the destination the way Back-Roads has presented it, and in a way that is all their own personal experience.

Another very exciting quality to the touring offered by Back-Roads is the culinary aspect of many of their tours. With a maximum group size of 18 they can arrange meals at many local and authentic eateries. Part of the charm of their culinary tours is putting a local fare to a regional delicacy; many of their culinary tours include trips to local farms and producers to see exactly where the ingredients that make for delicious, local cuisine come from. Not only do you get to see where the magnificent foods you eat come from, but Back-Roads Touring has paired with a collection of top chefs in countries strewn all through Europe that are more than happy to impart culinary expertise that has been handed down by generations before.

backroads2The culture you experience on a small tour from Back-Roads Touring are memories that will last a lifetime. They craft their tours in a way that allows you to really get to know the heart and soul of the area in which you are touring. Whether visiting locations integral to the history of the town, or taking part in traditions that bind the present with the past, Back-Roads provides you with insights that aid you in understanding the place you are visiting. By allowing their clients to appreciate the landscape, the culture, and the food while simultaneously allotting time for their own personal experiences Back-Roads Touring is the complete package when it comes to small group tours. So, book your European tour today!

For more information on Back-Roads Touring and their many options, you can visit them at their website www.backroadstouring.com
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