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Prospects Are Good Things

If you want to get to the top of the sales profession, you have to stop focusing on “selling” and start focusing on helping “others.” When you are preoccupied in the mechanics of selling, you come across as a pushy salesperson. And nobody likes to be “sold.”

But when you’re genuinely, openly, and sincerely interested in helping people, you will capture their undivided attention and eventually gain access to their check book. And in this message, the word “prospect” can be substituted for the word “people.”

The famous sales trainer Zig Ziglar began his career selling pots and pans. Over the years he became a true sales icon. One of Zig’s often repeated reminders was:

“You can get everything in life you want if you first help others get what they want.”

Let’s put a mild spin on Zig’s advice. Make it your business to make other prospects successful. That’s your new mission in life…to make your prospects, clients (and associates), successful. If your product or service can help make prospects successful, you will be enjoying your work for a long time.

Bottom line: Change your focus from “you” to “them.” Concentrate on trying to help your prospects succeed and use what you know (and who you know) to help them succeed.
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Your Prospect Is Not Your Adversary

A “me against you” mentality is a common mistake among salespeople. This is a misdirected competitive spirit that pits the salesperson against the prospect. A solid and mutually beneficial sales relationship should not, and cannot result from this mindset.

Prospects today, thanks to access to the Internet, are not dummies. They have access to the information required to make a decision. They will only become customers when treated properly. Customers pay our bills, and are responsible for feeding our families. No customers, no business.

So here’s a brainstorm: Let’s bad mouth our prospects and show them what a lousy attitude looks and sounds like every opportunity we get. I’ll say it for you: This makes no sense, whatsoever. In fact, it is self-destructive at best.

Let’s get something clear. Prospects are good things. Talk to them as if they were good things. Treat them with respect as if they were good things. Behave in public as if they were good things. PROSPECTS ARE GOOD THINGS.



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