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See a Personalized Croatia with Via Tours Croatia

The team at Via Tours Croatia has been working specifically since 2003 on crafting tours that highlight all of the unique experiences in Croatia and beyond to other locations, including Montenegro, Serbia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania. Their goal is to be the strongest local link you can count on during your Croatian journey and beyond.

Via Tours Croatia is fully family owned, and what they offer goes well beyond your average travel experience; Via Tours Croatia wants all of their travelers to feel like they are a part of the family, and they do this by focusing on detailed and personalized services for travelers that demand the ultimate level of service. They use carefully hand-selected partners, drivers, and tour guides for each destination to ensure the optimal travel experience. Their mission? To offer exclusive experiences, out of the public eye, that are reserved for the traveler who wants to discover the most authentic way of life in Croatia and Eastern Europe.

Croatian National Theater, Zagreb
Croatian National Theater, Zagreb

Via Tours Croatia stays on top of the travel trends, offering extraordinary activities that have been checked and approved by the company; not only do they want you to enjoy your time on one of their tours, but Via Tours Croatia wants it to be an experience unlike any other tour you may have been on. Via Tours Croatia has offices in both Croatia and the United States as of 2015, so they can offer full support during the booking process to travelers and agents alike, as well as in-destination support for every individual. Over the last thirteen years they have built trustworthy and close relationships with many suppliers, from driving companies to local restaurants.
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Speaking of food, Via Tours Croatia has hand picked the best local farms and wineries to provide you with the best culinary experience imaginable on your trip to Croatia. They are a member of the Crolicious Food and Wine Association, which allows them to offer their travelers services that no other tour company can provide. Over the last few months Via Tours Croatia has had a tremendous interest from their clients in luxury yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. Because of this exciting interest, by the end of July Via Tours Croatia will have a completely new product line available that will include the boat charter, hand-picked skippers, personally designed itinerary, and detailed tours of the ports at each destination.

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