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Series Part Four: Presenting

You have scheduled face time. Now is not the time to tell anybody how smart you are. Based on the information you uncovered during the fact-finding session, all you are doing is outlining the services you are in position to provide your prospect. There is no need to be cute, or to try to be anything you are not. No need to sound “clever.” No up-selling, no overcoming objections, and no closing.

The sales profession is full of blowhards and deceitful practitioners who are easy to detect from 500 yards. Don’t be one of them. Here is a novel idea: Be yourself. (Unless you happen to be one of those deceitful blowhards.)

You should now have a pretty good feel for their wants, needs and where the prospect is coming from. You should feel comfortable in position to propose meaningful solutions to his or her major concerns. There’s no need for guesswork. You can either help them or you can’t.

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If during this meeting you are asked a question you don’t know or are not sure of, DON’T WING IT. One small slip with this prospect, and your credibility is shot to smithereens. It is not worth the risk. Simply ask for some time so you can return with the correct information.

And here is a major league reminder: look your prospect in the eye when speaking to them. I know you think this advice is for children, but I will say it again; Look your prospect in the eye when you are talking to them. This small behavior will prove to be a most important one when it comes to earning respect, credibility and future business.

Remember, you are never trying to be something you are not. Simply tell the prospect exactly what it is you’re prepared and capable of contributing the relationship. If this is not good enough, you must move along to the next prospect.

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