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Series Part Three: Selling

I still like to consider selling as a contact sport. That means the sooner you physically get in front of people, the sooner the game begins. Your job is to get an appointment. All efforts should be designed toward scheduling an appointment. The best way to do this is to contact your prospect, and inform them that you have a service they will find to be very helpful when it comes to vacation planning and management.

You’re only interest is to eliminate doubt and stress their vacation planning in an attempt to save them time, doubt, frustration and needless expense. Other than those objectives you have no hidden agenda.

You then must phone these very same people, which will prove to be the fastest way to qualify or disqualify them from further effort on your part. In many cases it would just take one phone call to arrive at this conclusion. With voice mail becoming the popular answering mode of choice, you may need to call more than once. (This won’t kill you.) It is not uncommon for you to have to call a number of times, in fact, before making a connection with the targeted prospect. My advice to you if you are serious about this particular prospect, is to continue calling until they threaten to call the cops.

Your goal in this initial contact is to demonstrate your interest in helping the prospect. You do not want to appear over anxious, aggressive, or self-serving. This is where the professional skill of selling enters the picture. In fact, you’re not there to sell anything at all. Your mission is to find out if you are in position to help the prospect make better travel related decisions. Period.
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Once you do get your prospect on the phone or better yet, sitting in front of you, dial into question mode. My Four-Word Sales Strategy is simple and works like a charm.  Get your prospect talking. These four words will serve you well once you adopt them as your own.

Regardless of age, gender, nationality or religious persuasion, everybody is fond of his or her own voice. Everybody loves to hear themselves talk. Therefore, a proven strategy is to ask questions so that your prospect feels in control. Don’t interrupt them. Don’t one up them. And don’t finish their sentences for them. If you keep asking appropriate questions, they will sell themselves the service you came to discuss. We will touch on this again during tomorrow’s lesson.

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