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Three “Huge” Suggestions

You don’t have to agree with me today, but I am about to share some advice that could position you as a true professional in the eyes of prospects and clients.

Here are three points I would like to share with you today. I feel that each one is in your best interest.

1. When speaking about significant people in your world, avoid the use of a pronoun when referring to them.

DO NOT refer to your wife as “her.” Do not point toward your husband and label him as “him.” When speaking about your employees, please do not say “them.” Use the names of the people who are dear to you.

Poor Choice: She will be attending the conference with me.

BETTER CHOICE: My wife Barbara will be traveling with me.

Is this a little thing? No, it is a HUGE THING!

2. If you want to pave the way for a pleasant email message, ALWAYS begin EVERY communication with the recipient’s name.

Poor: Arriving at terminal “B” at 2 m.

BETTER: Mike, I will arrive at terminal B at 2 p.m.

Is this a little thing? No, it is a HUGE THING!

3. Before you answer the next incoming phone call, remind yourself that you are the absolute best person in the world to be answering this call. They dialed your seven-digit number for a reason. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by answering on auto-pilot.

Hear the ring. Count to three. Turn on your enthusiastic and sincere voice. Answer the phone like you are genuinely happy somebody thought highly enough of you to call. If you can’t manage to do this for any reason whatsoever… DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE.

Is this a little thing? No, it is a HUGE THING!

As simple as these three recommendations sound, they could help spell the difference between success and failure.

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