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Breathe in the Beauty of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies, and the area surrounding them, are one of the most breathtaking and exhilarating areas to explore in Canada. A nature lovers dream, there are hiking trails, canyons, and waterfalls that highlight an environment unparalleled in imagery. Thanks to Canada à la Carte , the supplier sponsor of this article, you won’t miss a moment of the scenery in the Canadian Rockies.

60-Second Geography

Canadian Rockies

Moraine lake sunrise in Banff National Park

Moraine lake sunrise in Banff National Park









Peyto Lake of Banff National Park in Canada

Peyto Lake of Banff National Park in Canada









Powerful picturesque waterfall Athabasca. Pyramidal mountain covered with the first snow. Canada, Jasper National Park

Powerful picturesque waterfall Athabasca. Pyramidal mountain covered with the first snow. Canada, Jasper National Park









Glacier skywalk near the famous icefield parkway road from Banff to Jasper

Glacier skywalk near the famous icefield parkway road from Banff to Jasper

  • Standing as the eastern portion of the Canadian Cordillera, a system of multiple mountain ranges, the Canadian Rockies and the area surrounding them are something that all should have the opportunity to experience. The Canadian Rockies are comprised of a beauty unlike every other mountain range, and much of its span is protected by provincial and national parks. The range contains more than 20 mountain peaks, all of which are of significant size and height. Its highest peak comes from Mount Robson; standing at an impressive 12,972 feet, this mountain is commonly photographed along the Yellowhead Highway. It has multiple climbing routes, though most are aimed for the highly skilled climber. Mount Robson is found within a provincial park that bares the same name. From glaciers and canyons, to waterfalls and rare species, Mount Robson Provincial Park is definitely something to see on your trip through the Canadian Rockies.
  • Another peak of notable mention in the Canadian Rockies is Mount Columbia, the second highest peak in the range. It stands at 12,293 feet and is the highest mountain located in Alberta! Although the Canadian Rockies are known for being a mountain range, the area has much to offer visitors of all walks of life. Moraine Lake, a glacially fed lake located in Banff National Park, is a spectacular sight due to its distinct shade of blue when it reaches crest. Hike through one of the many hiking trails and paths around the lake, and soak in the environment. The most common trail, and the one that runs directly along Moraine Lake, is the rockpile trail. It spans almost 1,000 feet, has an elevation change of 79 feet, and the view from the top of the trail is one of the most popular locations to photograph. Be sure not to forget you camera! If you are looking for a really adventurous thrill (and a long hike) the Neil Colgan Hut can be reached from the Perron Route, accessed from along the lake. Located on Fay Glacier, the Neil Colgan Hut is the highest permanent structure in Canada, and can sleep up to 16 people during the winter. Another lake to make a point to visit on your trek through the Canadian Rockies is Peyto Lake, which gets its name from Bill Peyto, an early trail guide in the Banff area. One thing that makes Peyto Lake so unique is the glacial rock flour that flows into the lake and gives it a beautiful and bright turquoise color. With an array of hikes and trails that range in difficulty, the Peyto Lake area is not one to pass up seeing; the lake itself is best seen from Bow Summit. 
  • Athabasca Falls is another breathtaking natural environment to explore on your Canadian Rockies vacation. This waterfall is known not for the height of the falls, but rather the force of the water due to its large quantity; this makes the falls very unique, and not something to miss. There are multiple platforms to view the falls from, or you can spend a few hours on one of the hiking and walking trails that surround the falls. Ranked as a class 5 waterfall with a width of 60 ft. and a drop of 80 ft., white water rafting often starts below the falls. White water rafting is a popular activity all over the globe, but the scenery surrounding many of the waterfalls and rapids in the area of the Canadian Rockies make it the ideal place for a rafting expedition. For an experience unlike any other, make sure you put aside time to walk the Glacier Skywalk. Starting at the Colombia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre, take your time going along the Discovery Trail; surrounding you is natural beauty that thrives in one of the harshest ecosystems in the world. At the end of the discovery trail you will reach the skywalk: a glass-floored observation platform that sits more than 900 feet over Sunwapta Valley. A once in a lifetime experience, do not pass up the chance to see the nature of the Canadian Rockies from such a viewpoint!
  • Though the Canadian Rockies and the area around it is known for the environment and its splendor, there are other activities that can be found in the area as well. After all that hiking and adventuring, you are bound to need a break at some point! The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is a great way to spend an afternoon with the family on your Canadian Rockies getaway. Located in Banff, Alberta the museum preserves and collects artifacts and materials related to the cultural heritage of the mountain range. It also contains a library and an archive, perfect for any curious mind. The four acre site even includes two log homes and four log cabins that can be visited during the summer; these homes are aimed to preserve the early architectural style of Banff homes that were associated with some of the most notable people associated with the area. You can learn about the different stories of the many people who lived in the area, from the aboriginal people and immigrants to hikers, tour guides, and photographers. There is also an art gallery in the museum containing many photographs from the pioneer Canadian Rockies photographer Byron Harmon.
  • The Banff Park Museum is another museum in the area of the Canadian Rockies that was originally founded to house taxidermy specimens of plants, animals, and even minerals associated with Banff Park. The museum building itself was constructed in 1903 and stands as an early example of the rustic architecture that was gaining popularity at the time. The present collection is upwards of 5000 pieces, and the museum stands as a National Historic Site of Canada; it later went on to be classified as a historic structure. The Den- Jasper’s Wildlife Museum is another great way to experience the splendid nature of the Canadian Rockies. Located in Jasper, the museum offers over 100 different animals that you would find in Jasper National Park, and set up as they would be in that natural habitat. It is like the park without having to go outside! Animals ranging from elk to eagles will keep you and your party excited and gain knowledge at the same time.

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