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Let’s Talk “BLOGS”

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, this is not an article about lifting heavy logs.  A blogger is someone who blogs. Now, if you don’t know what a blog is, it’s an online journal of sorts where people can write about anything they desire.

Let’s begin at the beginning. A blog is an online journal. It is similar to a website, but different. Blogs have web addresses, but usually the address contains the name of the blog host in the extension.  www.mikemarchev.com/blog

Travel agents blog about all sorts of things. Some read just like a journal entry. Blog posts or blog content are dated depending on when they were posted. Most blog posts are short and anyone reading them can post comments for the blogger. This is the ideal situation; when readers write back with their agreements, disagreements, additions, or specific points of view.

A “blogger” is the name for the person who blogs. Many start out with a blog instead of a website to get the feel for being online. Blogs are usually free, and have features that you can choose from to create your blog pages. It is quick and easy and you can have your blog up and running in no time.

If you want to drive traffic to your blog (which you do), your topics need to be current and filled with useful information. Optimizing your blog content makes your content easier to find in the search engines.

It is true, blogging can make you money, but I don’t think that will be your primary objective. You will probably want to utilize blog postings to educate your audience and to enhance your visibility among your designated target audience.

Just so you are aware, some blog sites allow you to post ads or use programs like Google AdSense to make some revenue. More to the subject at hand, you can use your blog to promote your specific trips and group movements and to drive traffic back to your personal website for more information.
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A professional blogger is someone who blogs for a living. I do not believe this defines you. You will write and submit posts a few times a week at most. You will also answer questions from people who comment on your posts.

Your primary concern as mentioned above is not just blogging, but also becoming recognized as a professional travel agent who knows his/her business. Blogging regularly will increase your online presence. You will be in position to invite both prospects and clients to visit your blogs and to make comments.

Remember, your blog is your journal. You can say what you want and share what you feel needs sharing. It is not your website which, by design, is a little more “political correct.”  Your blog, on the other hand provides an open canvass to be who you are and say what you say. That being said, always remember that what you write on the Internet can return to bite you. Be smart. Don’t get too “over-the-top” with your public demonstrations. Now, go have some fun blogging.

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