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No Excuses. Just Nothing To Say

This may be my best message of the year. Tune in.

“Last night I was editing this week’s Monday Morning Message when I decided I really had nothing to say. It was fluff and I was just filling in the gaps. Sorry. It was really awful, trust me. Brain freeze.

I will try again next week.


I was browsing through some old Monday Morning Messages of mine dated back to 2005 when I uncovered the above message. Usually my MMM’s consisted of between 350 and 600 words. As you can see the one above was just 45 words. Rather than wax eloquent I simply decided to raise the red flag and call it a week.

So why is this an earth-shaking message you ask.

Salespeople somewhere along the way were taught that their job was to talk. Silence is an ear-piercing experience for them. They require sound, noise and to hear their own wisdom spewing out of their mouth at supersonic speed. This is no longer the case.

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I am reminded of a quote that I took to heart years ago. I admit I don’t always practice it but I (we) should. “If you can’t improve upon the silence, don’t talk.”

In other words, if you don’t have anything of substance to share, put a muzzle on it.

I am afraid this just might silence quite a few travel aficionados. As they say, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

I think you are smart enough to be catching my drift today so perhaps it is time that I practice what I preach. Bye-bye.

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