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Treat Your Customers Like Dogs

Yes. You heard me right. I said like dogs. It is high time that we all start to treat all of our good customers like dogs.  And for that matter, every one we care about should be treated like dogs. And this is nothing but good, sound advice. This is like it ought to be.

Let me explain.

People coddle their pets. People worry about their pets. People care and yes, even “love” their pets regardless of their “behavior.” And although I know that pigs and rabbits and cats are also pets, I only know the affection I had (have) for man’s best friend.

Dogs are very cool. And we treat them well…with love…with focus…with respect. We talk to them and we listen to them. When we don’t understand them at first, we probe and watch until we think we do understand.

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And when we see humans mistreat dogs (horses etc.) on TV’s Animal Channel with anything less than affection, we yell at the TV and recommend that the culprits be sentenced to the max. We care for our animal friends. And that is why I strongly recommend that you treat your customers like dogs.

Care. Focus. Talk. Listen. Understand. Forgive. And be quick with a kind word. Nothing “special” Just like you would your dog.

And when you do (once you do) you are going to begin to receive the same affection in return. Behavior toward others is “magnetic.” You mistreat me, I give you a dose of your own medicine. But when you show kindness and legitimate interest, I will give you more of the same.

We don’t have the luxury of taking a poll. I have to believe that you are with me on this one.  So let it suffice to simply remind you that it is high time that you begin treating your customers like dogs.

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