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When In a Rut, Return To The Basics

My favorite workshop critiques usually include the words basic and fundamentals. That is when I know the audience has heard my message. Please get this straight once and for all. It’s all about the basics. You don’t have to get cute or be the first one to introduce the latest flavor or trend of the month. 2+2 = 4 and it always will.

Here are five of the many fundamental sales elements you need to internalize if you want to play in the big leagues. At first glance, you will wonder what these five reminders have to do with selling. The answer: Everything.

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  1. Visibility. How can I choose to work with you if I don’t know you are alive? Your number one mission is to introduce yourself to the marketplace, and let them know that you are prepared, capable and eager to help them when called upon. You must also understand that when you are out of sight, you are out of mind. This ball is, and will remain in your court.
  2. Focus. Most of you are as guilty as I am when it comes to the “shiny ball syndrome.” Entrepreneurs and sales types have short attention spans and are easily distracted. Once you realize this you can go to work to fix it. Focus on one task at a time. Focus on what is important now. Realize with every creative bone in your body that you can’t be all things to all people. Choose how you spend your time wisely. Focus.
  3. Interest. There’s an old saying that reminds us that in order to be considered interesting we first must become interested. Enough about you. As painful as this may sound, nobody cares about you. An exception here maybe your dog and those listed in your will. Once you show your prospects and clients that you are sincerely interested in them, you will be more than halfway home toward professional salesmanship.
  4. Consistency. Stop and go tactics is the bane of the travel professional. It is imperative that you identify a systematic approach you can live with. The only way to lose weight successfully is to monitor caloric intake verses caloric expenditure … regularly and without excuses. The only way to grow your business is to monitor your business development activities regularly without becoming lost in useless activities.
  5. Follow Through. This is by far the single most important skill of the professional salesperson. Similarly, lack of follow through is what keeps men and woman alike from achieving their full sales potential. Lack of focus, multitasking and a failure to systematize the sales process paints a quick path to failure. If there is validity behind The Rule of 7, then it is imperative that you follow up and follow-through. 18 months.

Note: The Rule of 7 states that in order to establish a working relationship with most prospects you will need to make a meaningful connection with them at least seven times in the next


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