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9 Steps To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

I spotted a column one morning in the South Florida Sun Sentinel worth sharing. Rajesh Setty wrote a book titled: Beyond Code: Learn To Distinguish Yourself.

Here are the steps Rajesh shared. (For me, step ten is to go out and buy the book later today.)

Step 1. Learn. Keep a scorecard on everything you do. Then make it a point to learn one thing new everyday. A shortcut here is to use Google Alerts www.google.com/alerts and plug in a topic of interest. Then get ready to begin becoming an expert.

Step 2. Laugh at your mistakes. If you get down on yourself when you goof up, it takes longer to rebound. Golfers wrote the book on this one. For some their day is ruined after just one errant shot. The smart move is to learn from what just happened, and keep focused on what lies ahead.

Step 3. Look. See the window, not your pane. Look for interrelationships. Don’t confine observation to your immediate surroundings; look at what competitors are up to and companies in other industries. Turn observations into ideas. This is a great exercise. Try keeping silent for one hour and notice (really notice) what is going on all around you. You are about to become surprised…and educated.

Step 4. Lasting impressions. Every task and every contact is an opportunity to make an impression. What you leave behind often shapes the future. First impressions may be important, but it is your last impression they will remember.
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Step 5. Love. You have to love what you do to do it well. Okay, if you don’t “love” what you do I am hoping you at least like it a lot. If not, you may want to give your future some serious thought. Believe me, if you think your life has passed quickly up to this point, you have not seen anything yet. Find something you enjoy doing…a lot.

Step 6. Leverage. Find people who know what you don’t; use them as a resource. Willingly share what you know. Build a strong internal and external network.

Step 7. Likeability. A can-do attitude and the ability to communicate build the “like” factor. If you want a clue as to how to become more likeable, here it is: Listen more and focus intently on what is being said. Take a genuine interest in others. (Yes it is as easy as that.)

Step 8. Listen. Ooops! Here it is again. Don’t listen for what you want to hear, listen with an open ear for what is actually being said.

Step 9. Lead. You don’t lead by title, you lead by example. People are always watching you. I don’t want you become paranoid, but I do want you to remember that you are being watched and judged daily. Act accordingly.

There is some good food for thought in today’s message. Give it some thought.

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