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Be Yourself…But Be Professional

Email has always been a double edged sword as far as I am concerned. It definitely provides an easy and fast option when communicating your ideas to others. But it also must be remembered that the tone and “voice” of a printed message is 100% determined by the receiver. Their immediate mental attitude determines whether your message is interpreted properly or not.

While browsing one morning, I hit a link and found myself at Jim Logan’s website and spotted these ten tips regarding Direct Mail. I saw an immediate connection to email, and thought you might benefit from Mr. Logan’s reminders.
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The tips offer simple guidelines and will help you from sending what might appear to be “junk mail.”

These tips are good reminders for us all.

  • Look-n-feel professional. Don’t send anything cheesy or cute. Cute doesn’t earn respect.
  • Be direct. Tell the person you’re emailing why you’re doing so, and what you hope to gain from having done it. If you want the reader to do something, tell them in simple terms what you want them to do.
  • Get to the point. Long and short text both work, but don’t wander around in your copy building a story that doesn’t need to be told.
  • Don’t imply anything. State benefits, difference, and reason to believe as clearly as possible.
  • Cite relevant testimonials. Let the reader know you’re legitimate.
  • Make an offer. Give your reader something to act on. You won’t insult them.
  • Don’t add a crazy amount of PS, PPS, etc. It’s okay to add a PS, but make it relevant and eliminate over-hyped copy.
  • Bold-faced type is okay. Bold sub-titles and key points, but don’t get carried away.
  • Rarely use highlighted type. Used judiciously it’s okay, but watch your professional look-n-feel.
  • Don’t use tricks or gimmicks. You can increase open and response rates by over stating in the subject box, implying things that don’t really exist, and using a wide array of other tricks and gimmicks. But don’t do it. If you’re a serious business with a real offer and real benefits, it’s not necessary.

I am certain you have heard me say this before, but I want to remind you once again: there are only two types of people you will come in contact with: Those you can help…and the other kind. Similarly, your email recipients will either respond to your message favorably or not. Be yourself. State the facts. Be bright. Be brief. Be gone.

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