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Don’t Be Like Shaq!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without a bunch of really tall men running up and down a hardwood court tossing a ball around before jamming it through an iron hoop? I am talking about the NBA.

A few years back I was reminded of one of life’s most important lessons while watching a playoff game between two very talented teams. I’ve said it a thousand times; I’ve known it for years; and I’m about to say it again.


And conversely….boring, monotone, unenthusiastic, melancholy people…TURN PEOPLE OFF.

You Shaq fans might want to go mow the lawn right about now.

The NBA finals involved a team from Miami and a team from Dallas. For lack of a more creative labeling, we will call them the Heat and the Mavericks.

Huge people make up the roster for both teams, but a very huge man was playing for the Heat who goes by the name of Shaq. Shaquille O’Neil is the name on his birth certificate, so as large as he is the ole Shaqster really must be a real person. This guy is BIG!

For a guy who made a ba-zillion dollars running around in shorts representing all professional hoopsters, this guy was pathetic from the free-throw line. And you can spell pathetic with a capital “P.” He couldn’t seem to even buy a free throw.

You guessed it, this man does not make my “want to be like” list, but it has nothing to do with his lack of skill from the free throw stripe. By the way, for a professional, he ought to be embarrassed for his lack of acumen for scoring “free” points. For the record, I’ve never met him. Never spoke to him. Never wrote to him. Never been in the same room with him.

I’m also not a Maverick fan, or a fan of any other team for that matter. I just don’t have Shaq listed on my all-time good-guy list. I’m not looking for, or seeking confirmation for, my feelings. They are mine alone, and what I believe to be for good reason.

You wonder how I can have such a poor opinion for a man as talented, rich, and famous as Shaquille O’Neil? Easy!

All you have to do is listen to his monotone, flat, unenthusiastic interviews. This guy wrote the book on droll, dull and boring. Forget the fact that his foul shooting percentage is a tad above 50%. This guy can put a choleric baby to sleep when he speaks.
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You can call it cute. You can call it shy. You can call it introverted. For goodness sake…the guy is a professional basketball player.

He is a professional who is paid to entertain the fans, and he comes across like he couldn’t care less.

And to all of you basketball aficionados out there who are about to disengage from this and future messages, I wish you well and thank you all for stopping by. I’ll stick to my initial premise: this guy needs some work.

If enthusiasm sells, as I believe it does, Mr. O’Neil couldn’t sell his way out of a Spalding Equipment Bag. I’m not sure I would tell this to the big guy’s face, but I will use him as an example of how not to portray yourself in public.

With a second thought, bring him on. I’ll tell him to his face. Somebody has to. Apparently, his agents are too scared to straighten the guy out wanting to protect their residual income.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have enough time today to tell you where you can find a little bounce in your step because I don’t know you well enough. But, I want you to go find some more bounce.

And while you are finding it I want you to take this to the bank. People out there are watching you and judging you every single day of your life. They may not know you. They may not talk to you. They may not be doing business with you, but they are watching you and they are judging you.

If today’s shoe fits, STOP BORING PEOPLE YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH TO TEARS. Get a grip on yourself. Give me a little voice inflection…a little body movement…a little bounce in your step…a little sign that you are alive and glad to be in the game.

Look! Life can be unfair to all of us. And it often is. That being said, get over it. (Remind me to tell you why I didn’t make it to the major leagues.) Re-read page 151 of my book Become The Exception.

Find some energy. Get enthused about something…anything. Bring some life to the party. Don’t be like mountain man Shaq. He is in a world of his own.

Be like you. And get out there and spread the good news.

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