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Emails Can Be a Dangerous Form of Communication

Today’s reminder concerns emails.

Email is by far and away the coolest thing invented since the wheel back in 3500 BC. (I may be off a few years, but who really cares) We are not talking about wheels today, we are talking about emails. Stay with me.

Emails are 100% interpreted by the person who receives them. This is a very important point to consider the next time you begin scratching off your gems of wisdom in lickety-split fashion. Due to the fact that your eyebrows are completely out of sight when you punch the “send” button, you are virtually handing over your future to the person on the receiving end of these bits and bytes.

Quite frankly, I don’t care what you say in your email. It will be interpreted depending on the current blood pressure, stress level and anxiety of the goings-on of the recipient through the last 24-hours. I don’t have time for a vocabulary lesson, so all I am going to say to you today is “choose your words wisely.”
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Remember, the meaning of your email has nothing to do with what you meant to say and everything to do with what is being read, and interpreted. You might want to print today’s message out and give a copy to everyone in your organization, NOW!

While I am on the topic, here is another good reminder for you as it relates to emails. This was taught to me by a good friend of mine in Arizona (JG). Take the extra 1.5 seconds of time and always, always, always begin your email with the recipient’s name. Let me repeat that: ALWAYS!

It takes less than two seconds. DO IT!  In the interest of speed you will want to skip to the chase knowing full well that the reader already knows who they are. I’m not interested in your rationale or your excuses. I simply owe it to you as one of my faithful readers to tell you that if you skip this important courtesy, you are playing Russian Roulette with your relationships.

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