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Fix Things Fast…With Zero Hassle

After returning from a trip to Spokane (pronounced Spow-Can) Washington. I was introduced to a new “favorite place.” Most of us think of Seattle when the word Washington pops up…or perhaps DC. But I know better now. Colorado (once a favorite of mine) has taken a back seat to the state of Washington.

In addition to the mountains and streams and relatively slow pace, it was the people who made the impact. Based on my travels, the northwest has a bunch of very nice people.

Knowing that the northeast has earned a reputation all its own, I started to believe that the world was catching up to hectic pace. I get miffed when I pull over on a narrow road in Colonia, NJ to give an oncoming motorist some space to come on through…and 99 out of 100 times, my fellow motorist fails to acknowledge my courtesy. This has become the norm and fodder for a family betting game. My wife and I make a wager each time we pull over to allow a stranger to slide by. Will they or won’t they give us a wave of thanks? The results are hardly a surprise. If you bet on Joey Doofus, you would be betting wisely.

What ever happened to the concept called courtesy? Answer: It went to Washington. (I think too many Garden Staters are taking the Sopranos to heart and beginning to assume these characters make solid role models.) While in Washington, my high school teammate once known in  Millburn, NJ as “The Hammer,” thought nothing of driving a quick three hours to pick me up to return to his home…another quick three hours away (try that one on for size east of the Delaware River).

A flat tire forced an unscheduled stop at a well-known auto tire dealer, where “customer service” has a brand new meaning. A young lad actually approached our car, 15 minutes prior to closing time and sincerely asked if he could make our life easier? He not only did, but upon learning that we were three hours from home, recommended that we get back on the road and complete the transaction closer to home with one of his associate stores. Net result: One fixed flat. No immediate expense. Zero hassle.

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I guess you had to be there …  so I will cut to today’s message: One fix. Zero Hassle. The expense part is something else. We were prepared to pay the gentleman whatever he charged. In this case, he delayed the charge until our next visit. Nice touch! In your case, you charge what your service is worth after you fix it with zero hassle. No matter how you look at it, that is the way it is supposed to be done. Fix it fast with zero hassle.

And while I have you, the next time a motorist pulls over to give you a little more room to maneuver, flash your lights, give a thumbs up or toot your horn. It is the only way to travel.

Bonus Tip: The next time you get a chance to visit the state of Washington, make sure you stop in the town of Roslyn and grab a cold one at “The Brick Saloon.” Tell em Marchev sent you.

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