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Focus – Think – Act

I am taking the short route this morning. Seems like I have managed to get myself behind the “8” Ball and have a very full plate today, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

I am going to ask you a very simple question. Are you happy with the progress you made last week? This month? This year to date? For those of you following the 52-Week Planner, did you manage to earn your 100 points. (I did)

If the answer is yes, then I say “carry on.” If the answer is anything but yes, then I guess I will have to ask you a second question: “Why not?” What didn’t you do…..or, what did you do that you should not have done? And what are you going to do this week so next week you can answer with an emphatic “YES.”

You have time to move closer to your goal. Don’t waste a single moment. Incremental improvement is what will get us all through to enjoy our goals. And time waits for no one. You are in motion. Here is a three-step approach. It is all you will need to make the next twelve months a beauty.
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Focus. Think. Act….and be happy with yourself.

FocusDon’t allow yourself to drift or get pulled away from what is important to you. This is easier said than done. Get tough with yourself. Laser beam your attention to the task at hand.

Think: Maybe this should come before “focus.” Who knows? In any event, think about what you are doing. Think about why you are doing it. Think about the next steps you will need to take. Think about the ramifications if what you are doing doesn’t work. Think.

ActDo something. Do anything. Put things in motion. Take a shot. Roll the dice. Take a stab. Have some fun.

That’s it. I said it would be short and sweet…and simple.

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