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Handling Incoming Leads: Part 2

Today we take up where we left off yesterday. Here are reminders 6-10.

They are all pertinent when you find yourself following up on incoming business leads, regardless of how they are positioned on your to-do list.

  1. It Is Not About You

It is important that you understand this terse and often times hard-to-believe truth. “Nobody cares about you.” People care about themselves, and that includes your Internet inquirer. Focus on them right from the initial email. Eliminate the pronouns “I” and “we,” and try to replace them with the pronoun “you” as often as possible. It has always been about them. It is, and will continue to be, all about them. I’ll say it again. Nobody cares about you.

   7. Stay Calm At All Times

There is a very good chance that the Internet inquiry is preceding a purchase. It is important to understand however, that your agenda has nothing to do with your buyer’s agenda. If you make any attempt to hurry the sale or suggest a meeting prior to your establishing a sincere interest in the form of trust, you are doomed for failure.

Studies indicate that the vast majority of Internet “shoppers” eventually turn into Internet “buyers.” The question is will they end up buying from you? Don’t rush the normal flow of fact finding. Your pace will set the tone for a confident, thorough and professional business relationship.
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  1. The Inquirer Has Many Options

(You are just one of them.) Statistics indicate the people who shop eventually end up buying. The question remains: when it is time to make a purchase, will you have any role to play in the buying process?

Consumers today have more options than ever before when it comes to making a purchase. More often than not, they perform their due diligence and ask their friends for their opinion. Once you understand how things work, you can focus on not shooting yourself in the foot. Today’s consumer has many options to choose from. Your job is to become the most attractive.

  1. There Are Usually Multiple Decision Makers

Although the Internet inquiry appears to be a single decision maker, this is very rarely the case. Buying decisions today are often the result of collaboration. This becomes truer as the expense of the purchase increases.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to gently probe to see how many people constitute the buying committee. Then it is important that you include everybody’s interest in your educational process.

  1. What Gets Measured Gets Done

The last point I want to address is the importance of measuring your progress. What you say, how you say it, your tone of voice,  and your speed of response all add up to a certain result. It is by focusing on these individual elements, that you can improve your selling efficiency.

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