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I Can’t Motivate You

I was once speaking to a real estate agent who appeared to be a real cracker jack. I mistakenly referred to my job, for lack of a better reply, as being a “motivational speaker.” She said in not so many words that she didn’t buy into the “motivational speaker advice” she has heard at company meetings for the past 25 years.

I quickly supported her stance and replied, “Neither do I” without losing a beat. I then informed her that I was not a motivational speaker at all, and that what I did for a living was “stimulate people.”

To prove my point, I asked her how many of the motivational speakers she had heard in the past originated from New Jersey? Proof positive. Motivational Speakers live in Malibu…Scottsdale…and Palm Springs. What’s a guy from New Jersey have to be motivated about? What could he possibly introduce to a room full of “Doubting Thomases” that could make a positive difference?

I can hear it now: “Hey you bunch of bummed out wanna-bees! You want to be successful? Stop whining, get a life, and move to New Jersey.” Personally, I don’t think this advice would fly.

No, I am not a motivational speaker. I simply dig down into my ditty-bag of mish-mashed experiences and share with anybody who wants to listen how I screwed things up along the way, learned a thing or two and lived to talk about it. The fact that I can laugh at my own mistakes seems to soften the blow to those who can identify with a few of my “situations.”
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Later that week I received a phone call. The call came from a cell phone of an associate of mine boogieing up Interstate 40 just north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He mentioned that he was going to a meeting and needed to calm down before arriving; he was upset with himself, as life was not unfolding as expected.

We chatted and laughed quite a bit before I reminded him of a couple of Aussie Gentlemen who where just fish-hooked out of a mine after 14 days of giving their loved ones a whole lot to cry about. These guys exited the mine-shaft cracking wise without a need for, or interest in whatsoever, any medical attention. You gotta love those Aussies. I’ve never met one who didn’t make me smile. Maybe cuz they “tawk” funny, like me.

Well, my New Mexico associate gave himself a whack upside the head, went to his meeting, and exited the meeting feeling good about himself again. Mission accomplished.

Today’s Message: Whatever it is you call yourself on the job, you too are in position to “stimulate” people. That doesn’t mean you are a motivational speaker and it doesn’t mean you are a NJ Screw Up. It means that you have experiences, some emotional intelligence and a good sense of humor…and there is a world of hurt out there who needs to know you, hear you and laugh along with you.

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