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We All Have A Need To Talk!

My uncle called me early one morning and asked me if we could talk. Having a full plate while preparing for a trip to the west coast, I knew that time was something I did not have a lot of, but my response was “Meet me at The Galaxy Diner at 10.”

If he did not have something pressing on his mind he would not have called me. Most people have better things to do than to waste other people’s time. (I said most people.) Regardless of your success level or rung on the corporate ladder, we all need to talk…and we all need someone to listen.

In a world filled with so much noise, competition, unfairness, anxiety, stress and me-ism, it is too convenient to blame our lack of caring on today’s hectic pace. “Hang the pace.”  Find time to listen to people. They all need to talk. Who better to listen than you?

Notice I did not ask my uncle, “What about?” Who cares? If you need to talk, I’ll find out soon enough what it is about. In most instances, I have found out that a conversation is not always called for. All the talker really wants is to hear themselves talk in front of another human being. The reason for this is that if you went to the diner alone and began to talk with no one sitting in front of you,  the waitress would probably call for the rubber suit.

Message: When somebody wants to talk to you, find time to listen. This goes for your spouse, kids (especially your kids), your employees, friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles, brother and/or sister. Don’t ask them “what about?”
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Personal Aside: (The same goes for lending people money. I know you are not a bank. If it wasn’t important they would not have asked you. By asking “what for” you are indicating that you will be deciding if their need is justified by your definition. Make your decision to lend or not based on the relationship. And to save a relationship, always figure it as a one-way gift. If it comes back, you are a lucky lender.)

Well, I met my uncle today and he talked. I listened. And he felt better after just one cup of coffee.

And I came back to work. And life goes on. I hope you have somebody you can talk to. If you don’t you can always call me. Have a great day. And work hard this week on being the exceptional person you are.

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