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What Does Luck Have To Do With It?

I remember spotting the name Mariah Carey in the entertainment section of my newspaper. Remember her? 18 octaves coupled to a big smile and a lot of whining. She was once riding high in April before being shot down in May. A working example of a “use-to-be.”

Well somehow, some way the old girl picked herself up, dusted herself off and managed to receive eight (8) Grammy nominations. And you thought she was yesterday’s news.

How did this happen you ask? By singing a tune titled” We Belong Together”… among a few other tunes slapped together in a new album.

And my message is? That one tune is all it took to reverse her luck. If you want to argue the point, then I will say one album. But the common denominator is the number “one.” She took a shot and hit the bulls-eye. She bounced back. She was back on top. And all it took was just one song that hit the mark. (Resulting in Eight (8) Grammies.)

And so it is with you, my friends. Regardless of whether you are up, down, over or out, you are one step away from being back on top. One phone call. One visit. One idea. One proposal. One letter. One email. One test. One shot.

The underlying message here of course is if you don’t sing the song, you won’t have a chance. Mariah, whether you enjoy her high notes or not, did not put her tail between her legs and call it a day. Mariah is back! And I say good for you Mariah.

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Message #2 comes from a recent phone call with my good friend Larry Finkelstein. Larry shared an episode where he once approached a man who was putting flyers on his car windshield out in his company parking lot. Larry’s initial intention was to politely tell the gentleman to buzz off in due haste, or he would soon be answering to man dressed in blue and carrying some heat.

Instead, Larry began “chatting” with the man probing along the way. Ah! The power of questions.  As I understand it, Larry is now considering some level of business involvement with the parking lot brochure hanger.

What happened here? (A) Larry is becoming soft in his old age. (B) The guy was one heck of a salesman. (C) There was an opportunity here worth exploring.

The message here is that one never knows where and when the next opportunity will present itself. 

So I leave you today with two things to think about: Your personal comeback, or your next opportunity can come at any time, in any place, in any shape, in any form and for any reason.

Every day, every letter, every phone call, every person you meet, and every man, woman or child you want to throw out of your parking lot, just may lead to your next paycheck.

That little unknown next move, is what makes business fun…what makes living fun.

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