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Why Not You?

I enjoy watching the talent show American Idol. I often mentally vote for an eventual loser, but I also thought Frazier would last two weeks before the network pulled the plug. I went on record to forecast that Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) would last a little less than a New York minute.

Back to American Idol. I just love seeing talent. All those kids can sing. Most are very good. But why weren’t you up there sharing the spotlight?

Why were they there, and you and I were not there? You may say talent. Or, you may be loaded with some other excuse ready to fire at a moment’s notice. But the primary reason why they were there is because a year ago, they lined up with 10,000 other wanna-bees and took a chance….rolled the dice….flirted with rejection…and cast all caution to the wind.

They did something about their dream. Okay, a little talent here and there doesn’t hurt, but talent came much later for that group. It was the initial move that was responsible for all the other dominoes falling into place. All the talent in the world is useless until you line up behind those 10,000 other contestants.
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This is the same reason you are not playing for the NFL, or running for public office somewhere. The examples go on and on. You want to be discovered as the next TV celebrity? Move to Hollywood. You want to jump the Grand Canyon like Evil Knievel? Go kick-start a Yamaha 250 cc motorcycle and see how to make the thing jump. You want to grow your business? Do the things necessary to grow your business.

It is all the same, and the reasons why you are not winning more are all the same. The answer is action and proper execution. You want to do something? Then do something. Then, and only then, can we open up an intelligent second discussion regarding a lack of talent if that is indeed the case.

Think about it, then decide what it is you want to do. Then do something about it.

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