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Are You Prettier Than a Skunk Sandwich?

I recently spoke about the importance of body language and how it can speak volumes about you and your professionalism. Today I will touch upon how you are interpreted.

Are you comparing your product or service (YOU) with industry leaders or with the mediocre rank and file competitors in your immediate area like Jimmy “the Shank” Bambeeno?

Are you reading, studying, practicing, failing and learning how to be the best in the business…thinking like the best…acting like the best…associating with the best…in your particular marketplace?

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If not, why not?

I have reminded you a million times that the world has become mediocre (plain vanilla) at best. I have reminded you that small improvements in a number of areas will position you on the top of the winners box. (A reference to the Olympics Gold Medal Winner).

A carefully designed Excel spreadsheet will clearly show that a 1% improvement each day for just 70 days will result in a stress-free doubling of your productivity. That’s right. I said DOUBLED. (Go ahead – I dare you. Do the math.)

If you are prettier than a skunk sandwich, then it is up to you to tell me. And if you are prettier, tell me by how much.


2018 is looming large.

I am not suggesting that you bag the rest of ’17. I am suggesting that you challenge yourself right here and now (today) and decide that 2018 is going to yield one heck-of-a bumper crop for you. You have a full quarter to prepare for it. Start getting ready today.

If you are cooler than a hobo’s mittens, then you have a story to tell. GO TELL IT!

Get ready! Get set! Let’s go.

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