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Cool New Social Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Are you sporting new specs?

Have you just leaped over to a new laptop?

Are you working on a new workout routine?

If you’re like many of us you’ve found that it takes a bit of time to get used to any new tip, tool or trend.   I just got new glasses and I scare myself every time I see my reflection…or try to walk down stairs.

While any change may take a bit of getting used to, I find that the future is usually easier, more efficient and even more fun.

Here’s some exciting new social marketing tools to make your life simpler.

Video Tools

The Basics:  Let’s start with some simple updates to your video tool box to shine some light on your creations.

  • Diva lights have made a world of difference for both live stream broadcasts and those quick 30 second videos you shoot on the fly. For less than $25 you’ll find a variety of sizes and styles.  Consider one that clips right onto your phone for an easy way to light up your next video.
  • External microphones. Again a small price to pay (about $50) to amplify your audio success.

Intermediate Level:  Ramping up your video skills and quality takes a few more cool tools to have greater impact.

  • Video editing platforms range from simple-to-use to those with a huge learning curve. Some simple tools that I’ve found to make my life easier include:
    • Screen Cast-o-Matic: easy to edit, add transitions and overlays to your video.  You can even shoot from your desktop using this free tool.  A pro-version is available for a nominal fee and eliminates their logo.
    • VSDC: Their tutorials are helpful in fine-tuning, color correction and blending. Special effects and image stabilization are available too. Elevate your video to the next level…easily.
  • Go live and share your screen. That’s right!  Now there’s a number of new desktop tools that give you the opportunity to live-stream with guests and share your screen.  Such a cool way to spark more conversation and engagement…all while adding extra value for your viewers.

Advanced Level:  Taking your video to the pro-level may involve a videographer and professional lighting.  If that’s not in your budget, how about moving into the world of 360 video and virtual reality

  • 360 video cameras are getting better and less expensive by the day. Check out the latest models that attach right to your phone.  Keep your eyes open for new phones with built in 360 cameras.  Jump on board with Facebook 360.
  • Virtual reality is here. Check out how Visit Las Vegas has proactively embraced VR tours to attract and engage visitors.  G Adventures is adding VR content to their immersive video line up.

Dive into Details

Have you gotten into the habit of always choosing the same target audiences for your social ads?

Are you consistently using the same words and phrases in your marketing?

If you’d like to break out of that routine to reach your clients and potential clients with words that make them jump off the couch and connect, here’s some easy ways to ‘test your talk’.

  • Poll Your Clients. Understanding your client base is a moving target.  Once you think you know what to market to your perfect clients, they change their minds.  Here’s a couple of excitingly easy ways to poll your social fans.

  • Key into Key Words. Do you ever wonder if a new niche, specialty or tour will be successful?  Do you ask yourself; is there an audience for this?  What words can I use that will resonate with my social fans?  Answers to these burning questions are as close as your advertising accounts.
    • When creating a new ‘Ad Set’ in Facebook’s Power Editor, you can tell exactly how many people are interested in a specific topic. Dive into the ‘Detailed Targeting’ section by clicking ‘Browse’ and you’ll see exactly how many people have expressed an interest in or liked pages related to your key word.
    • Most of us think of Pinterest as a social site, but when we start thinking of it as a search engine it yields so many insights into our potential audiences. Simply use the Pinterest search bar to type in your keywords.  You’ll be shown some samples of popular search terms as well as some suggested key words.  From there you can dive into Pinterest Categories and drill down into Topics to see how many are interested in your topic.  Similar to Google SEO, Pinterest SEO is all about long-tail key phrases.  Such an easy way to determine if your niche, specialty or keywords will resonate.

These tools combined with your knowledge of Google SEO will help you gain even more traction in your audience selection, key word usage and even determining if your latest great idea is marketable.

When you find yourself saying “I want to try a new_________? “(you fill in the blank here) just banish any bad thoughts and capitalize on the adventure.

While trying something new may seem a bit foreign at first, just like those new specs, they’ll make your life easier and more efficient.

Which will you try first?


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