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Did Somebody Say WOW?

The word “wow,” or the concept of “wow” is pretty interesting. In reviewing a book at random from my sales and marketing bookshelf, I flipped to a page and began reading about “WOW.” The book for the record was written by Jeffrey Gitomer and the title was “Little Black Book of Connections.”

Less than 20 bucks and yes, I do recommend this as a Q4 reading list candidate. (Fourth Quarter)

The long and the short of my reading suggested that we give more “wow” to our valued customers. Today and every day, make it a point, make it a goal, make it an objective to wow your clients with a service beyond what they are expecting.

Bottom Line.  GIVE MORE WOW.

And you know what will happen next? You will find yourself having more fun again at work and enjoying each and every day of the week…not just Friday. And that in and of itself is worth a shot. Having fun at work? Now, there is a concept.

The exact definition of “wow” is in the mind of the beholder.

All I know is soon after the service is rendered, you hear you client bellow “WOW.(And to me, that sure beats “It was okay.”)

Here is just a thought to help grease your skids. What I would like you to do is brainstorm with your fellow employees to come up with some real creative “WOW” ideas.
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Here is just one of mine:

If you know that one of your clients is an avid baseball fan, have each of your employees autograph a clean, white baseball and send it to your employee with a note saying something like, we are all glad we are on the same team.

That small act of appreciation will help solidify your relationship and chances are, that ball will be prominently displayed in your client’s office and will initiate future conversations.

Here is your new motto:

“I’m going to introduce more of my valued clients and prospects to the concept of WOW.”

And here is a special note to my daily readers: Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.”  Why not decide to make your own luck … and build a more profitable future for your travel business.

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