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Undiscovered Italy with Globus

For the last 90 years Globus has provided an array of vacations that cater to and address the needs of the diverse traveler of today. With hundreds of exciting and unique tour and vacation options spanning multiple countries and continents, Globus does not disappoint when it comes to offering a trip full of thrilling adventure.

GLOBUS no-tag RGBVacationing with Globus is a breeze, as they take care of each and every detail for you. Globus takes the stress out of planning a jaw-dropping memory-filled vacation by doing all the hard work for you, down to the last detail. The only surprises on a Globus vacation are the ones they have planned for you. An especially exciting feature of a Globus vacation is the way individual exploration time is factored into every trip! Globus understands that many travelers need downtime in between their tours and activities, so do not worry about having an afternoon to stroll the shops and cafes or read a book in a park not on your itinerary: you have got time.

The expert tour guides found on a Globus vacation have a complete in-depth knowledge of their cities, towns, and neighborhoods. From knowing the language to having the inside scoop on the best desserts, a Globus tour guide knows the history and culture of the area. When it comes to selecting your accommodations, Globus brings the sights of the cities to you by booking hotels and lodging in the heart of your destinations.

Coast of Sorrento, Italy.

Coast of Sorrento, Italy.

For 2018, Globus will be launching new tours as well as a new product focus called “Undiscovered Italy.” These hidden gem tours range from 8 to 10 days, and explore areas of Italy, including small cities and regions, that showcase the local people and sites only easily accessible to travelers on a tour.

See the small cities and streets the Globus tour guides specialize in, and leave with memories you will cherish for lifetimes to come. Spending time in the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, walking through the Valley of the Temples, and venturing the vineyards of Chianti Valley are just a few of the experiences to be had on one of these tour offerings of Undiscovered Italy from Globus.

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