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Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Magazine, page 112 January 2007 Edition. I’m digging into my archive file today and reaching back to…2007. Wow! That is ten years ago. Time does indeed fly.

Part 1: Habits

My wife subscribes to the magazine Good Housekeeping and on occasion I find myself glancing through the table of contents at the breakfast table. On page 112 of this particular edition was a story by Dr. Phil titled CHANGE FOR THE GOOD. I began reading.

I usually refrain from establishing New Year’s Resolutions in favor of moving forward as life unfolds. I do have a general idea of my annual path, but I think I prefer to follow the advice, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan.

The advice I found most useful (I enjoyed the entire article) was when Philly offered this advice:


I like that idea. Replacing the old with the new. Don’t stop eating. Just eat differently. Instead of eating ice cream, eat carrots. Eat until you drop. Just eat right.

Don’t stop “spending time” in front of the TV. “Spend more time” reading. Read until you drop. This makes all the sense in the world and like all good advice, it is simple, logical and doable.

Take an old habit you are not crazy about and replace it with a new and refreshing activity. Try it. It just might work for you.

Part 2: Change

On another note, there once was a popular song on the radio with lyrics that said, “Just waiting on the world to change.”
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Taking this phrase away from the context of the song itself, this is a beautiful reminder of…futility. (This sounds contradictory to my New Year’s Take It As It Comes Strategy)

Waiting for the world, your employees, your spouse or your good fortune to change just won’t get it done my friends. You have to make the change.

I’m reminded of yet another little ditty sung by the late Michael Jackson.

It was MJ who reminded us…

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror … and make a change.”

There you have it. (1) Replace useless habits with a little good behavior and (2) take the bull by the horns and give yourself a good once over. Start tweaking yourself into excellence.

That is enough advice for today as these two ideas should keep you busy until we talk again.

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