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How Are You Doing?

I remember the day when Max came to my home. Max was a foreign summer exchange student visiting with my nephew Andrew who lives in Vermont. These two very fine young men are proof positive that there is hope in the world.

Andrew is my oldest sister’s son. Two more of my five sisters joined the get-together that day, along with their immediate families. We taught Max (from Too-Loose, France) a couple of sound bites made famous in New Jersey: In his very French accent he co’ ca va?”

I think “How ya doin?” has a brighter ring to it.“ Max also learned to say “fagedaboudit” better than I do. And if that was not enough, Max now knows to ask a resident from New Jersey, “Wut Exit?”
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We figured that is the least we could do for the kid. How does that old saying go?  “When in Paris do as the Parisians.” When in New Jersey, have fun, get silly and enjoying everybody’s company. Which brings me to today’s message.

We had a great time with a young man from France who wears a pair of Keds sneakers adorned with the colors of the USA. Max happens to love America, and we love Max.

This week, open yourself up to people who need a little “sun.” Let em in. Let em know how really cool you are, and that you too can get a little silly if that is what it takes to put a smile on people’s faces.

As the party was breaking up last night, I heard my niece Mary say as she was walking out the door, “Life is short!” Mary was all of 12 but she had life’s entire picture in perspective.

Regardless of where you are sitting at this very moment, get up out of you chair and do what needs doing to put a little bounce in somebody else’s step. Life is short, so when a young kid from France asks you “How you doing?” you can say say without losing a beat, “Tres bien.”

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