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I Hate This Game…

Today’s headline, in a nutshell, sums up the game of golf. That is until you hit a lucky shot and all of a sudden you ”love this game.”

This is the game where you beat a small ball with a stick while exercising your vocabulary for up to five hours while casting dispersion toward everybody and anybody who has ever entered your life.

This is the game where skill, focus, luck, the weather, the ground conditions, your health, the competition, the sound of camera “clicks” and virtually every other outside influence has some effect on your final score. Did I mention the common and acceptable practice of “cheating?”

* Cheating is only practiced and universally acceptable at the amateur level.

Well, there he was — on National Television — on a sunny Mother’s Day at the ripe old age of 24. Enter Mr. Sean O’Hair. (Sean who? Me either.)

Here was a young man who appeared squared-away and talented enough to win a minor major and take the spot light off of the perennial favorite Mr. Phil Mickelson. After 70 holes of nail-biting tension, the “kid” was looking good.

On hole #17, which happens to be a tad bigger than today’s 46 cent postage stamp, and happens to be surrounded by

Water. Young Mr. Heir was a paltry two shots behind Big Phil. This was going to be a very entertaining finish, or one would have thought.

Enter a 24 year old’s adrenaline factor coupled to a nine iron and you have one large splash factor. Fast forward to the drop zone and you have error #2 in sequence resulting in a quadruple bogey.

(I always considered those to be pars in my game) and one could actually see young Sean subtracting $700,000 from his weekend paycheck.

(You read me right: $700,000. That is almost as much as Roger Clemens made for throwing a bat at Mike Pizza. (Another lesson for another day.)
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Bottom Line: Sean Heir “goofed – twice.” Life would go on for young Mr. Heir and he probably (I hope) became a better golfer as a result of his taking gas on his personal Mother’s Day Massacre. I personally felt bad for the kid as I thought this just might be his day. It wasn’t.

Today’s Message: The next time you find yourself at  #17 with over a million bucks on the line, factor in some adrenaline and reach for your wedge.

For you non-golfers, your message sounds something like this:

Stuff happens. Life isn’t fair. Stuff will happen to you whether you are on television or not. Learn from your stuff. Cry if you must, but get over it quickly. Get back to your practice range as soon as possible. Pay next week’s entry fee and tee-it-up again. By noon today, there will only be one person thinking about Sunday’s mishap. The rest of us will be focused on making our own living.

Get over your own faux pas fast. Nobody cares about you.

But regardless of whether you are a small ball aficionado or not, keep swinging for the flag. Your day will come. Sean will be back. Life will go on.


Now, a special note to you non-golfers. 

Don’t reach for that delete button too quickly. Today’s message may have eluded you but there

will be more in the days ahead that just might save you from doing something stupid.

As for this week, try not to do anything stupid.

Win, lose or draw, my name is still Mike Marchev. This is today’s message and I’m sticking to it.

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