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I Wish I Was Sailing!

Sailing is the one thing that completely “takes me away.” Christopher Cross was right on the money when he sang, “Sailing. It’s not far back to paradise. At least it’s not for me.”

Oh well! Back to reality. Sailing will have to wait. The next best thing to sailing is signing a new account.

Today’s article involves selling on price. This is an obstacle we all come in contact with and it irks small business owners. “Doesn’t anybody care about value today?” Order taking is easy. Selling value is an acquired skill.

  • Yes. People care about value. When they want to care about value
  • They also are entitled to “shop.”
  • They are also entitled to buy cheap.
  • Repeat. People care about value. When they want to care about value and they pay whatever they so choose for a service based on their interpretation.

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Here are three money/value examples from my experiences:

Pots & Pans. Once upon a time my in-laws picked up a new set of pots and pans. They were….inexpensive. When Pat and Shirley got home, they read the small print which said (honest): “Don’t put on high heat. If the bottom gets too hot, and falls off, throw the pot away.” True story. They bought cheap. They returned the pots.

Morale. We all know that the least expensive route is not always the wise route to take. Many, if not most times we go “cheap,” there is some back-tracking involved…a mulligan…a do-over…or some form of regret.

Two Pounds of Sugar. In another instance I was on Step #2 of my home-made lemon cello liquor making process. I needed more sugar so I jumped in the car and headed for the food store where I knew I could buy a 2 lb box of sugar for a fair price. (Cheap)

As I left my house I realized that a Quick Check Store just around the corner had sugar, although I would have to pay more for it. I made the decision to head for the “expensive” sugar for two reasons. Fast and easy was worth more to me than a longer ride for the less expensive bag. Morale. Often times the more expensive item will save you time in the long run and a lot less hassle.

Sure people buy “cheap” and other people appreciate value attached to a higher priced product or service. The secret is to clearly let the buyer know what they are buying. And for your own mental health, you must know that there are people with all kinds of purchasing agendas.

Message: Your target market is out there. Make the effort to find the people who appreciate fast, easy…and right…and who are willing to pay a higher price for a set of pots as long as they don’t fall apart.

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