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Look Up! Get Up! And Never Quit

Today’s reminder goes back to an induction ceremony a few years for the National Football Hall Of Fame. Although I try not to use sports analogies too frequently, I do manage now and then to salt in a few sports-related lessons if I feel they fit my current mindset.

How can a writer help not to? With both the heroes and villains in today’s fields of competition, the material available today borders on the overwhelming, whether you choose to kneel, stand, or spit wooden nickels.

A flamboyant fellow who played for the Dallas Cowboys had my attention that day. Michael Irvin entered the “Hall” after years of both fame and questionable behavior. Hey! Who am I to judge?

In most cases I’m not one to get excited about acceptance speeches. From retirement to winning a Grammy; from entering the Athletic Hall of Fame to a final words before serving a jail sentence, they all sound the same to me. Written, edited, altered, read and very seldom voicing the true feelings of the reader.

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But on that particular day, Michael Irvin joined seven words into a sound bite that not only got my attention, but managed to get me thinking.

“Look up! Get up! And never quit!

Look up: Michael was referring to his God, and if this shoe fits you, by all means wear it. For others, it may simply infer the importance to get those eyes of yours off the ground and pointed toward your next targeted accomplishment. Look people in the eye. Be proud of yourself. Appear as if you are looking at the horizon, and not down on the ground for loose change.

Get up: As Tom Peters once said, “It is amazing to me how many people in the oil business fail to get the message that in order to strike oil you have to dig a hole.” Get up off your backside and stop whining long enough to dig a few holes. If the first hole does not hit pay dirt, dig another hole. Get up! Get up on time. Get up with optimism. Get up with flair. Get up with enthusiasm… just make certain that you get up.

And never quit! Michael probably got this one from Winston Churchill when he reportedly said, “Never, never, never quit.” Is there ever a right time to quit? I can think of a few instances where you might want to consider calling it a day. (1) When you die, or (2) when the cops arrive to inform you that whatever you are not quitting may land you in the Big House. A third acceptable time to throw in the towel is when you find yourself banging your head against an immovable object…like a dead end job.

That’s it for today. Look up. Get up. And don’t quit.

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