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Referrals – Humor – And Speaking On Your Feet

Today we are going to drift away just a tad from my daily format. Here are a few “nuggets” of information taken from a few of my past reminders.


The best time to ask for a referral is after a positive delivery of your service.  At that point, the customer has a feeling of satisfaction regarding the value you exhibited and they are more likely to be in a frame of mind to give you something of value in return.

Another good time to ask for a referral is after you are turned down on a sales call.  You have nothing to lose.  And the customer may feel he or she owes you something.  It is not a good idea to seek referrals while consummating a sale.  Your contribution to the relationship has not yet been established and it will appear that you are asking for too much too soon.
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Humor is an effective selling tool when it helps to form a bond between the seller and the prospect.

Caution: What may be funny to one person may in fact be offensive to another.

Best Practice: Use humor at the start of a presentation to warm up the audience.  Be very careful when making jokes unless you are a practicing comedian. Always tell jokes at your own expense and not somebody else’s.

Avid making ethnic jokes at all costs unless of course, if you are the brunt of the joke. It is always best if you relate humorous events from your own personal experience, rather than from made-up stories.  Be aware of the risk that your joke might not work. Just in case have a follow-up prepared.

Most important: Judge your audience.  Listen to them.  Know the type of humor, they will appreciate.


Speaking on Your Feet.

Preparation is the key to a successful presentation.

Steps: Practice your presentation out loud three to six times before giving it.  Know your subject matter inside out. Feel free to improvise but err on the side of caution.

Arrive early to your meeting.  Mix with the audience if all possible prior to your turn to present.  This helps to establish rapport. Enjoy having something meaningful to share with people.

Remember: The audiences are on your side.  Speak every chance you get.  Like everything else in life, you’ll improve with practice.

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