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Sky Bird Travel & Tours

With over 40 years servicing the industry, Sky Bird Travel & Tours has garnered the title of “Your Global Partner.” Since their founding in 1975 Sky Bird Travel & Tours has been offering a great product paired with great service, two elements for a successful company. Sky Bird has worked hard to secure contracts with over 90 airlines, giving them the ability to offer quite a variety of choices for travel agents to pass on to clients. Sky Bird Travel & Tours puts their clients first, reflected through their years of successful business.

Sky Bird Travel & Tours, headquartered in Detroit, assists professional and home based travel agents and consortiums from all over the globe. With offices strategically placed to offer the maximum service to their customers, Sky Bird Travel & Tours has satellite offices in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and Houston, to name a few. They also have offices located in Canada, India, and the Philippines.

skybirdOffering consolidated net fares from over 90 major airlines, Sky Bird Travel & Tours negotiates with suppliers directly to provide discounts up to 65% off of general retail prices. You are even given the ability to determine your desired markup, as there are no commission caps on Sky Bird’s net fares. They even offer the option of high commission on international fares as well! No more dealing with surcharges or fees, because with Sky Bird tickets are issued at no cost. Sky Bird’s trained travel specialists can design complex itineraries with multiple destinations for groups of ten or more. This is just another example of how Sky Bird goes the extra mile for their clients.

shutterstock_457954372One of Sky Bird Travel & Tours’ divisions, Sky Vacations, offers tour packages, cruises, and car rentals among other things, and includes a high commission for agents. Having affordable, custom tours tailored to the needs of clients, and high commissions for travel agents, is a key element that sets Sky Bird and Sky Vacations apart from other airline consolidators.


In regards to technology and customer service, Sky Bird strives to be an industry leader. Their online booking engine, WINGS, was custom built to suit their clients’ needs for streamlined booking. The ability to access WINGS on any laptop, desktop, or tablet allows agents greater flexibility to work when it best suits their schedules. Further, the Sky Bird customer service team is available 24/7 so no matter the time of day or night, any issues can be swiftly resolved. Finally, Sky Bird offers sponsorships to small agencies so they can have access to one of the leading Global Distributions Systems.

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