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This May Be a Stretch For Some Of You

I’ve mentioned over the years more than once that I am a book junkie. I was particularly fond of a little tomb written by Harry Beckwith.

This one was co-authored by Harry and his wife Christine and happens to be the third book of Harry’s I have devoured from beginning to end while draining a yellow highlighter.

I strongly recommend that you read this book as soon as you have finished highlighting “Become The Exception.” Harry also wrote “Selling The Invisible” and ” What Clients Love.” You will be doing yourself a favor by reading all three.

Harry is one smart fellow. He also knows that people do not like to read. That is why he writes in short “sound bites” about a number of independent ideas. He then concludes each short blurb with a bold-face recommendation. These blurbs sum up the main theme of each chapter.
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Here are just twenty-one of the hundreds of “sum-ups.”

  1. People value – and pay more for – the way you make them feel.
  2. People buy feelings.
  3. Find your story. Tell it well.
  4. Ask and answer: What is the difference you, or what you are selling, make?
  5. Before you try to make any sale, ask: How is this person likely to stereotype me?
  6. Don’t assume. Ask.
  7. Having a mentor is overrated; having several is not.
  8. To get the right help, ask the right questions.
  9. The first thing to plan for is your first impression.
  10. Watch your white space. Silence talks.
  11. Listening makes you captivating.
  12. Reply quickly. Do everything fast.
  13. Above all, people choose the reliable. Be there.
  14. Be consistent: hours, habits, behaviors.
  15. Keep going.
  16. If it hurts, good.
  17. Whatever the answer is for you, it isn’t money.
  18. How many “thank-you notes did you send last year? This year, send twice that many.
  19. Life is not what you make it. It is how you take it.
  20. Know how and who.
  21. People will notice.

These 21 items listed here are all that needs to be said today. Continue to do everything in your power to make you a better person than you were last week. For some of you this will be easy. For many of you, this may call for a stretch. For all of you, this is a goal worth pursuing. Become the exceptional person you can be. Make yourself proud.

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