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Your “A” List

Today’s message may serve as a whack in the head.

Turning suspects into prospects into customers is the way the sales cycle works. And in today’s competitive sales arena, it takes a great deal of time and effort to see the cycle through to completion.

Once a prospect raises their hand and indicates a genuine interest in what we are offering, I have always recommended that you paste this “hot” prospect onto your “A-List.” It then becomes your responsibility to cultivate your “A-List” until the prospect becomes a customer.

Prospects come and suspects go. Customers often renew and you always lose a few to attrition. The beat will go on. But just the other day, I was thinking about my “A-List.” And that is when I started thinking about my IMPORTANT “A-List.”

What are the names on my business “A-List” that I would lay down my life for?
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No company on that list qualified according to this stringent requirement. It may sound a bit harsh but you will soon see the method to my madness.

The names on my IMPORTANT “A-List” consisted of names of “little” people and not the names of companies and some-time travelers.

The important people who I am position to really help and to make a lasting impression were my nieces and nephews. These are the people who see me as a role model. The names on my is list were Sara, Lauren, Megan, Will, Annie, Anthony, Michael, Mary, Cassidy and Andrew.

These are the names of my nieces and nephews. These are the people that mean a great deal to me. These are the people on my “A-List.” (Of course, I can then add immediate family and a few close friends.)

I then asked myself the same question I ask business clients:

“If these people are so important to me, when was the last time I stopped what I was doing to communicate with them?”

Today’s message comes as a question and crosses into your personal lives.  When was the last time you communicated with your IMPORTANT “A-List?”

How often do you plan to communicate with these important people on a regular basis before another year comes to an end? Does The “Rule of 7” also apply to loved ones? (You bet it does.)

Now for those of you who are not “knee-jerking” with a bunch of meaningless excuses about time and other thoughtless mumbo-jumbo, take one name at a time and drop a loved one a “cold call.”

They will enjoy hearing from you and you will be taking one more step at solidifying the only relationships that really mean something.

After that, you can resume becoming more visible with your business “A-List.”

First things first.

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