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And You Think You Have It Rough!  (It Always Appears Greener on the Other Side of the Fence)

Today’s Message: Thank your lucky stars you are not a pharmaceutical sales rep. Every 25 years (+ or – five years) I get bit by a bug that puts this 190 pound, 6 foot boy down flatter than a Tuscaloosa, Alabama Flap Jack.

Last week, the bug hit, and hit with a vengeance. Against my macho judgment I ended up in the “walk-in” local doctor’s office.

The Sheriff’s car parked outside should have given me a clue. When the doc appeared in a dull brown matching ensemble complete with a 2.5 inch black belt and a four inch buckle should have confirmed that I was either dealing with a sheriff from Palm Beach County or a doctor on the run.

Prior to Sheriff Doc’s entrance, I had spotted another man dressed in shirt and tie who I presumed was the doctor of the day. I soon realized that this guy was a pharmaceutical “bagman” waiting on the doc to sit down long enough to launch into his 12-minute sales pitch, which he did on cue.
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This is where I began to become entertained…and educated.

The salesman began talking to the top of the doctor’s head, and did not come up for air for a full 12-minutes. During that 12-minute sequence, the doctor never stopped writing in his journal and not once, did he ever look at the salesman.


When Willie Loman was through, he said “Thanks for the time Doctor.” The doctor grunted and the scene dissolved to black.

WOW! What a way to make a living! Talking to the top of people’s heads while receiving no acknowledgment whatsoever.

As always, my mind shot to you, my travel professional friends. Please don’t tell me that you think your sales job is as tough as a pharmaceutical sales reps (it isn’t). Compared to these guys and guyettes, your job is a piece of cake.

The next time you tell yourself how tough you have it, I want you to think back to this doctor’s office scenario.

For those of you who have been following me over the years, here are a few reminders for you:

  • Live by the Rule of 7.
  • Practice The Platinum Rule.
  • Remember the Rule of 1.6%
  • Become more likeable and refuse to take rejection personally.

And remember one more thing, “Time waits for nobody and you will be a long time dead.”

So if you have not already aligned your mind to my way of thinking, it is time you do. Get up, get out and start living your life.

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