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Don’t Tell Me “Cold Calling” Doesn’t Work

This email just arrived from one of my marketing mentor participants:

Hi Mike,

I’ve been out hitting the pavement and just got another two bookings one for the Mexican Riviera and one for the Caribbean from the Harbor Light Restaurant. So I am following through with my commitments about visiting Businesses and asking for the business.

I love to receive emails like this. They make my day.

This agent’s competitor is out whining about how bad the economy is along with the rising price of gasoline. This particular agent is out making things happen.

Just last month I was on an AmaWaterways’ river cruise and there was a group of 60 people enjoying the ride. I make that out to be about 30 cabins. After doing the math and rounding off a few numbers I arrived at a pretty nice commission for the agent making this trip go. When is your group of 60 heading for the Danube?

Everything works when it comes to marketing…sometimes. “What is working for you?” That is the question.

Whatever your answer, the challenge and the discipline comes from performing these duties day in and day out. Consistently.
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Marketing cannot be an episodic behavior…performed when you feel like it or when you find your back is up against the wall. Remember my often recited quote from Casey Stengel. I’ll net it out. “Do things now.”

My incoming recent email was reason enough to celebrate, but it also came as little surprise to me.

If you want more letters…write more letters.

If you want more emails…send more emails.

If you want more business…ask for more business.

If you want a larger customer list…go out and build one.

If you want to meet more people, introduce yourself to more people. I recently presented at a Medical Device company in Clearwater, FL. They are experiencing the exact same challenges you are. They think their problems are unique, and you think your problems are unique.

As the outside guest speaker – the guy traveling from industry to industry -I know that everyone’s problems are the same. And in the majority of cases the solution to these problems is the same.

Get up. Get out. And make more people glad that they know you.

Too simplistic for some of you? I’m sorry to hear that. For you, keep making things harder than they have to be. For the rest of us, we are going to continue building our businesses.

Keep it simple and keep it real. And keep having fun.

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