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“Talk is cheap!”

“Ideas are a dime a dozen.”

“Walk your talk.”

“After all is said and done, more is said than done.”

I’m sure there more quotes supporting this lesson but I think you get the picture. I was reminded of this truth this past week while attending an annual conference onboard a cruise ship. In what I considered to be the most valuable 3-hour period of the entire program, the group gathered in the main dining room to brainstorm and share best practices.

That’s when the above four quotes kicked in again.

I reminded those in attendance that they were about to get excited, stimulated and motivated upon hearing many great ideas. I underscored the fact that ideas don’t pay the mortgage. Action is what places successful people and companies in the driver’s seat.
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It is all about execution. Are you known for your accomplishments? Or for your “GREAT IDEAS?” This week, put yourself in gear and make it your business to “execute.” Pick a goal worth shooting for and then go make it happen.

IMPORTANT LESSON #2 (Non-baseball people can get back to work now.)

A few years back the New York Mets were a lock to win the division. They were talented and they executed…up until the final weeks of the season. It was sad to see the best in the business prove to their fans that they just did not have it when it counted. Being in first place in the beginning and in the middle of the season was fun, but it did not guarantee success.

To be the best you have to be the best all the time. You can’t coast and you can’t perform “sometimes.”  If you are the best, you perform (execute) day in and day out. What does all this mean to you?

Execute today. Execute tomorrow. Execute next week. Execute always.

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